Monday, October 4, 2010

Red light, Green light.

Hellooo! Okay in know i have been terrible and haven't updated thing in forever, but I think it's better to do it with a couple days between so I always have something to write about! Well I have two things to write about this week! LolOn Wednesday of this week I went out with a couple friends! We wet and met outside of the Australian pub, then went to another bar called the speeltuin, which I really like. It has good music and it's relaxing! We were there for a while.. But then they boys left and Ana and I went out. It was about 12: 30 am and we wound up at this Dance and bar place. I digg it; it was kinda small. With lots of blue purple and pink lights. Incredibly loud music and an incredible amount o people. Lol we had a few drinks and dance and talked with people. Pretty soon It was 2 am and this place was closing. Well on the way out we got invited to ANOTHER bar .. And what did we do? We went with these people! Hahah

This last bar was called he Walk About and it was fun. Different kind of music as the last place, and
completely different atmosphere. But hey, beer is two euros and they come all night! Pretty soon 3 am rolled around and it was lookin like a good time to go home. Ana and I said good bye to our new friends and went to go get our bikes only to find my bike had been locked to about 50 other bicycles?! It's almost 4 am. I'm sitting in front of a church in the middle of town, with some Spanish kid who wouldn't leave our side, and my bike was stuck chillin with the Jesus at the church. And it was starting to rain. SOOOO... Ana has an idea to go to the police station, good idea right? Felt that it's 10 blocks away and I'm bikeless /: so i get on the back of our Spanish friends bike and follow Ana to the police station. We get there and I was completely relieved to. See that there were officers inside and the lights were on! I run to the door, ring the buzzer, try and use the speaker box and I was stoked we were gonna get my bike back. So, a few minutes go by and we realize hose officers aren't gonna be coming to help me. Estupid Dutch politie?! So plan C was to go to Ana's house, borrow her roommate's bike and head home! Which we did, and the next day we made an adventure out of getting my bike back :)))) I missed it?! But I was too tired to care at 5am /: 
 Today being Saturday, I went to Amsterdam for the first time :) I met up with my friend Stephanie who is also an Au pair, but in a town called Enkhuizen! It was awesome to meet her. I have a feeling were gonna be going on a lot more trips :)) we had to much fun. We started off our day at the Anne Frank house which was really cool. You're not supposed to take pictures but we managed to sneak a few in ;) lol it was really interesting to see the house because we learned about It in school and to actually be there in her room where her diary was written and her family was hiding. It gave me goosebumps. They had the actual journal on display! So cool. Then next we went across town a bit and got a latte then proceeded to the Van Gogh museum which seemed to take forever and a half to get to. Seriously we must have walked MILES today! The museum was nice and had all the original Van Gogh pieces on display, and they had a really nice gift shop :) I picked up a few more postcards. After that it started to rain so Steph and I took a tram back to the centre of town. We wanted to look around at the shops more and see what other kinda crazy stuff they had. We went to H &M and shopped and then.. That's when the fun started hahah Steph's birthday was on Thursday :) so, we had to go have a celebratory birthday drink! Yay! Birthday drinks!

Lol we found this little sports pub and watched a soccer match had a few drinks, hen a few more and hen the best effing fish and chips i have ever eaten. Omg so good. Also, Jeager shots were a dollar! ( Psstt .. Mom! I got you a few cool ass shot glasses!) lol from there we explored the rest of the city! It's really beautiful at
night especially when it's all lit up. We made our way to the red lift district somehow.. That was something else. Ya know it really is true about the girls in the windows! Some are just models they just stand
here and talk on the phones but INSIDE are the girls who work there.You don't get to see those ones. There's hundreds of these shops and plenty of tourists who are very excited to see the girls. We walked around some more took more. Prostitution is completely legal here in Holland. I don't know about other Europeas countries but here it is an actual occupation! The government taxes it and everything. Lol Grossss.
pictures talked to more people and then we went to the Amsterdam Centraal train station :) got our coffee, said our good byes and went to our platforms :) which leads me to where I am now. Sitting on a train on my way back home <3 It was a lot of fun. I'm so glad i met Steph and every other one of the friends i have made since I've been here. And i'm glad they are with me to enjoy all the things Europe has to offer. I was informed today that I'm going to Paris with Stephanie in November! After her year of Au pairing is up she won't be coming home to north Carolina but she will be staying in Europe or going to Canada. November is orientation for a school she is interested in and she asked me to go with her :) I couldn't pass that up! Especially not with her. So get ready Paris, I'm coming! ;) I'll write more tomorrow! It's gonna be a stay home and snuggle day Due to today's festivities! I believe I am meeting Meghan for an Irish breakfast though :) good night Breda! Good morning California! I miss and love you guys!
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