Thursday, January 20, 2011

California Dreamin'..

Well Hello!
As most of you know.. I've been living in Breda, Holland for the past 6 months (The whole reason for me to start up this blogg in the first place.. Duh!) And everything was going wonderfully untill New Years Eve.. I left my house at about 11pm, and i headed to the centruum as i did frequently. I was to meet up with some friends at our "Usual" place, the Speeltuin. I arrived in the center and come to find that i was still about 15 minutes early. I went to go get a redbull and wait for my friends, seeing as how i was exhausted and early. I went to Donnerland, got my drink and without even opening it went upstairs.. As i was about to come back down stairs i got really hot, and very dizzy. I gave myself a few minutes to collect my thoughts and to make these horrible feelings go away, and I thought i was ready to go! I headed towards the top of the stairs. Fixed my coat, and grabbed onto the hand rail.. That was the last thing i remember. Next thing i know; I open my eyes and I am on the first floor. I feel the cold, hard tile underneath me, as i try and firgure out WHY? I was staring at the ceiling. I look around to see at least 15 people surrounding me, and i can see that they are all talking to eachother and seem very panic stricken but it was only after a few second.. (Which seemed like days) that i could hear what they were saying. "CALL AN AMBULANCE!" "GET HER UP!" "SHE'S AWAKE! IS SHE OKAY?" "GINA! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" After i collected a few breaths, I sat myself up, and cleared the people away from my floor space. I started talking to the people around me and found out that i had fallen down the stairs, and once i hit the floor they tried to wake me up but was unconscious for about 2 minutes. LONG STORY SHORTTTT...

I went to the hospital to find out my arm looked like this -----> I was told i needed to get surgery ASAP, and it had to be within a week and a half or else my bones were going to fuse together impropperly. GREEEAATTT.. NEXT decision; Go back home to California and get the surgery, or stay in Holland and get the surgery. After a couple days of consideration we (Eduard, Esther and myself along with my Parents) Decided that coming home would be the best option. I landed in LAX on the 4th of Januray, and a couple days later was in surgery. It's been 2 weeks since my surgery, and i have my arm back, thank god. I don't have all of my mobility back. I still have to go through a couple rounds of physical therapy and i should be good.

   I'm just thankful i didn't break something more important; My leg.. either of them! My neck. My back. My dome piece!! It was really a freak accident, and i'm still bummed about it. I had another 6 months to go. I could be traveling all over Europe the way i was during the first 6 months. When i think about it, i did a lot. I got to travel all over Holland. I went to Belgium, had some chocolate. :) I went to France, which was the #1 Place i wanted to visit. I still cannot wait to go back. I got to meet some of the most amazing people i will probably ever meet in my entire life. I got to experiece a completely different culture than my own, first hand. I learned quite a lot of Dutch, which i am going to keep up. and i got to do my part in helping out a wonderful family. They welcomed me into their home as a stranger, and i left as a part of what they have built. Eduard and Esther are truely amazing people, and as of this week will be getting a new edition to the "Family". My cousin Katie will be leaving to Holland, this coming Friday! I am so excited for her, and have already gotten her in contact with all the friends i had made over there :) She's gonna have a nice little welcoming commitee. I can't wait to hear all about her adventures, and see how she adapts to the European culture. I know she's going to love it. I miss my girls; Meghan, Sabrina, Laurita, Theresa and my dearest Stephhhhhaaanniiieee. I'm trying to devise a plan to get them all to California. It might be one at a time.. But they will all be here eventually :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I'm not a religious person, but if i was this would be a blessing in deisguise. I am very sad to have left Holland, but in me doing so someone else is getting an amazing opportunity that does not come around often. I got to come back home, and see my family again, and See my puppy.. Which, i think i missed more than anyone ;) HAHA! I came home with a new attitude, and a new outlook on how i wanted my life to be. I finally feel like i have a direction, and even with a broken arm am working to do my part, in everyway. This week i have been running back and forth with my parents to doctors appointments, and family visits since i haven't seen or hardly talked to a lot of my family in 6 months. And even so i have managed to get out somewhere around 1000 job applications, and am getting my schooling all set up! I am so excited to start my life and get going.. I think Holland gave me the running start that i needed. I might actually be moving out of my beloved Murrieta.. AGAIN. I need a change of scenery :) It all depends on if i am accepted to fill this position i am trying for.. But either way, I can't wait.. In the mean time i'll be enjoying this beatiful Southern California weather... Have a great week guys <3

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