Thursday, October 11, 2012


I feel like I'm reuniting with an old friend as I sign into this account. I was thinking the other day about how much I miss writing, and how I've been so busy with everything going on in my life, currently, that I haven't had time to stop and smell the roses, Per say..

It's 7:39 am on the morning of Thursday, October 11th of 2012. It's 10/11/12! Just realized that. haha! I can't believe how long it's been since I last wrote. If you look it says, March 2011.  I'm not going to start this post, with a long drawn out story about whats gone on in the last year and a half. But since I did decide to put up a new entry, once I logged in to my account, I checked out some of my old posts.. Just to be reminiscent and see where I was. Needless to say, life is completely different.

To sum it up, Last post I was living and working in La Quinta, Ca.. Just outside of Palm Springs. I moved there once I returned to the US from living abroad in Holland. Now, I'm living with my man in San Diego. We have a really cute place. It's small.. It's needed a lot of work, but it's ours. It's homey, and comfy and recently, we just added a new addition to our little Pauling- Gerlach family! About 3 weeks ago I adopted a kitten, and she's the love of our lives. Kyle was very hesitant towards the idea, But I just brought her home one day and It was love at first sight... Even though he's never admit it. Haha! I'm sure you'll hear more about her later. I've also been working at Starbucks for a year. I transferred from my store in Palm Desert to my new store.  It took me a while to adjust, but now I feel comfortable there. It's always hard going into a new job, or when you transfer jobs to a new location. It's like the first say of school. You don't wanna talk to anyone and you just wanna get your work done.

 My store is one of a kind, to say the least. 90% of our customers, are regulars.. Who come to our store every day, order the same thing, at the same time everyday, and then sit in THEIR chairs, and wait for their friends to show up, and the cycle starts all over. So we all have different relationships with different regulars.. Based on who comes in most during your typical shifts. It's fun. I like the people I work with. I like our customers, I like our manager.. But it's still a job. I'd rather win the lottery and move away to Indonesia.

Recently, I've made a commitment to myself. To better my life, My health, and myself. (Recently being within the last 2 1/2 months). I began a transformation, and that's an understatement.. I bought a gym membership, I got some new running shoes, and I started moving. I got tired with waking up, looking in the mirror every day and wishing I looked like someone else. So I made a decision to change my routine and my eating habits. As soon as I did that, What do you know.. Weight started coming off. As of this day, I have lost 30 pounds. And I feel amazing. I'm not done yet.. I have a while to go. But I'm not stressing myself on it. I'm trying to make this enjoyable so I wake up every day just as excited as I was the first day. I look forward to going to the gym every day.

I never thought I'd be able to go as far as I have.. And at this point all I have in mind is my ultimate goal. Which, every day.. Seems so much closer. So much more attainable! I have to admit though, It's hard work. Much harder than you'd think. It's going to the gym 6/7 days a week no matter how tired you are. Changing your eating habits, Building your self control, and ultimately.. They'll all work together and you'll find that you're leading a much healthier, happier life style. The reason I'm writing about this is so I can keep track of how i'm doing mentally. I have my calorie counters ad my gym charts and all that crap.. But I have to keep myself motivated.

I'm not saying that I'm some sort of fitness guru all of a sudden or anything.. But I am a 21 year old, who has a goal; something that she wants more than anything. That 'something' is a big deal to me, and it's a matter of living a long healthy happy life, or dying of a heart attack at 40! I wasn't 400 pounds guys, no where near it.. But I wasn't setting myself up for success. And now, I can say that I am! and It feels so good.

So from now on, every day or every other day, I'm going to get on here after I go to the gym, and shower and have all my ducks in a row.. And I'm gonna get back to the little things that I love so much. Write me. Talk to me. Tell me how you feel about what I write, or of similar stories. I love your feedback. Always have, and always will.

I'll write soon! <3
Gina XO

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