Thursday, February 3, 2011

New years resolution.. a month late

So, for my new years resolution this year, i decided that i was going to start a month late. I think it's hillarious when people start with their"  I'm gonna turn over a new leaf" mentality on January 1st, of the new year.. and the week after the've cheated. So i decided to wait a month.. Let all the angst that comes along with the new year to settle, and then start making promises to myself.

When i got home from Holland i realized how much CRAP FOOD i ate there! Not even junk food, but when you think about most European countries.. What are their main staples? What is something you can expect to see in every household? BREAD. CHEESE.. And in Breda's case... Stroop waffles :X Ugh. Stoop Waffels + Gina = <3 <3 <3 Hahahah! Also, Beer, (See Right ) LMAO. And.. More bread. Surrrpise surprise!! So, i've decided that i am going to make my resolution - To take better care of myself, and watch the things that i put into my body. I started last week, and i already feel better! Some other things i'm adding onto the resolution? :

1. Drink more water.
2. Spend more time outside.
3. Anddd.. After this month passes me by, and i am ALLOWED to go back, I;m going to the gym everyday. Rain or snow. So I feel good about it. And i know i'm going to keep this up. I think i've been inspired by these people on all of these weight loss shows. FUN FACT! I am obsessed with weight loss shows. " Heavy." "I used to be fat " "Biggest loser" and anything else even remotely close. I'm fascinated by these people, and how they can allow themselfs to get soooooo damn heavy?! I mean like.. Could you imagine being 500 pounds. 500 POUNDS?! That's 1/2 of 1000... Blows my mind. I live to eat, i don't eat to live, and i'm sure if i had NO self control or self respect.. that i could get really fat. But I like being healthy. I also, want to keep my arm moving. I'm determined to get this thing back to normal. I promise. I will not allow myself to be imobilized in ANY way. So here we go. Staring week 2 of this resolution, i'll be sure to keep everyone up to date. lol

I went on a run with my dog today. But he started acting like a tard and getting scared by every car that passed and he was just ruining my groove. So my mom came and got him, and i continued on. I went on a 4 mile. and I passed the starbucks Down the street from my house and i just sat outside and .. just sat. And that's all i did. I watched the cars go by, and I took in some sunshine, and just let time pass me by for a few minutes. It was nice.. I haven't been able to do that in a while. Especially since when i was in Holland, it was too cold to even go outside let alone go and hang out in one spot for too long. I just listened to the people's conversations, FUN FACT #2 I'm a huge evesdropper. LMAO. People fascinate me. I can't help it. lol And then i went home. It's simple things like that that i missed being able to do. :) Makes the day just a little better.

This weekend, Adriana is going to come and pick me up and bring me back to LA to her house. I am so excited i'm goiing to be able to visit with her for a while; I'm in the need for some serious Adriana time. It's going to be so nice to see her. I saw her when i had first gotten home for a little bit, she drive down with her boyfriend to come and see me. But i had just gotten surgery, and i was so drugged up i couldn't even see straight. Sooo.. This time, now that i'm fully conscious.. Will be so mch better. lol I love my sister <3

Anyway, i think i'm going to go paint. But first i need to find my paints?! Ugh. So i'm going to do that :) I'm in a write-y mood, so i 'll probably do another post tomorrow.
Doui Douiiii!


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