Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ain't no one that can break my stride, Ain't noone that can hold me down..

Hello everyone! Sorry for the 2 day (well, now 3) day delay! I've been sick for a few days but i'm getting better so now i can keep up with you all! I got the dutch flu, which i read had killed 25 Americans last year? Crazy. I'm getting over it slowly but surely. I woke up yesterday morning to rain, and wind and grey skies for miles! I was excited because i haven't seen it rain like that in a long time. It never pours like this in Murrieta! Eduard told me that i should get used to it because it's like this constantly here in the fall, and fall just started so that's what i'm looking forward too! Start sending the warmer clothes mamma! By the way if any of you didn't see i posted my address on my facebook! Its :

Gina Pauling

Lange Weide 216

4827 mc Breda
Just like that! I know it looks weird but that's what it is! If you send me a package, you NEED to write on the box that it is a birthday gift. Put Happy Birthday on the outside of the box somewhere BIG, and LEGIBLE. So the Dutch Post doesn't charge me up the butt with gift taxes. So today i stayed home for the day. Watched TV with the family, and just layed low. I still haven't felt very well so i took out my sketch book, and my journal and plopped myself on the couch with Yas and watched SWEET 16 and Made for like.. 3 hours lol The kids love all of our American tv shows! Like The Hills? Problem is that the entire show is over in the US and they are just starting their final season here! They get everything later than we do.
     Yesterday i went to town by myself! I got on my bike, and rode there. I wasn't completely sure of how to get there, but i tried to remember the best i could, and i got there :) In town i remembered where i was going also! So i was stoked off of that. I went and walked around and finally got to go into that art store i told you guys about! It was huge and i probably spent about, 2 hours in there! It was amazing. they have all of my fav paints but in 1000 different colors, not to mention anything else you need. It was so nice. The lady who owned it was looking at me like .. Um, you've been here for too long! Get the eff out?! But it was sooo nice. I could have spent all day there! I left my sketch book at home, so i got a new one :) and i got some pens and yea! it was cool!

   I walked around town a bit more and i saw a COFFEE SHOP. Not a Cafe where they have actual coffee, but one of the ones that sell weed? And i went in. With no intention to buy anything i just wanted to see what it was all about. That's obviously illegal in the US, and it's strange to see people sitting outside getting high in public like it's nothing! So weird!! So i went in and i immediately got that feeling in my gut like i was doing something i shouldn't be doing, and i got nervous?! It was weird hahahhah I felt like i was going to get in trouble! But i walked in and the man asked me what he could help me with, and if i wanted to buy anything, and i told him no and just looked around. The inside of the shop, doesn't have anyone in it. Just the counter, and the man selling it. There are cameras EVERYWHERE, and the system is super high tech! i saw people come in and buy some, and the guy turned around and pushed a button and a vial shot up through the counter.. It was crazy! lol then they went in the back room where they smoked. The place next to that store sells mushrooms, and all kinds of crazy stuff. I saw it and that was enough for me.
   I have met a few people here, and on Wednesday and Thursday nights, Americans and dutch people meet up at a cafe in town to get together and have coffee and meet each other. It's an easy way for foreigners in Breda to get introduced to others so i was thinking about heading over there next week! It sounded cool. I went into this bookstore called Lattes & Literature, and i spoke with the man who owns it. He was a very nice man who sounded like he was American but had a slight hint of an accent. Probably due to his parents moving him here when he was younger. But he was very nice, and asked me to come! I think it would be good to get out and meet people. Everything here is beautiful. The town . The buildings, the shops. Everything. There i so much to see, in such a small area it's incredible. You can walk through the same place 100 times and see something that you missed before! And i love that. This picture is at a cafe right next to the church in town! I love it. In Murrieta we don't have any type of buildings like this! The architecture here is phenomenal.

Oh well tomorrow is a new day. I think it's time for bed :)I get to wake up tomorrow and see my babies :)  i hope it's not raining tomorrow so i can go explore more! I'll post another tomorrow! Goodnight Breda! Good evening Murrieta :) <3 See you in the morning!


Merlijn (Left) Morris (Right) Right before their bath after the first day of school!

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