Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hello! Good morning Murrieta :) I know i haven't written one of these in a few days and i'm sorry! But there has been a lot going on! lol Esther left for California this morning, so Eduard and i are home for the week with the kids. I'm a little jealous of her i'm not gonna lie. It's almost 3 pm here right now so everyone in the 951 should be just waking up! The past few days have been cool! Wendnesday night, i went out for the first time! I went and met a few friends as t'hart van Breda! Which is a little bar in town! I hadn't ever met them before and it was really nice. There was a girl who is an Au Pair here in Breda, but she is from Colombia! And i met a girl from Equador, one from Polland, and a few from France. I got together with them because of a guy that i met here in Breda who invited me out, and i'm very glad he did. They were all wonderful, and it was awesome to go meet people in this town! We sat and talked and had drinks, then we left! Simple, easy fun night. 
I get halfway home, and i'm on my bike mind you.. And what happens? It starts raining. I am a southern California girl. Riding a bike in the middle of the night, up a hill in the dumping rain.. In my flip flops. and i still had a few km's to go?! I was like omg!! But then realized that it was kinda cool. hahah i was laughing to myself because a year ago, i would have never seen myself in that position! But i had a lovely evening, and i am supposed to go out with them again this Wednesday! This past weekend there was this music festival taking place in the park; Breda Brast 2010. I went on saturday and checked it out for a while, it was nice! Lot's of people, lots of music, lots of beer. lol There was this one band that i heard from the other side of the park and i HAD to go listen to them. They are a Dutch band, but they sing in English and they are really good! I think their name was Moss? SOO GOOD. Check em out ! ------------------------------->>>> :) So yesterday was cool! There were some American Bands there, like Dog eat Dog, who i don't really have a strong appreciation for /: But i got to walk around town, and take pictures and talk to people and it was a nice day. Then it got cold, and i was tired after like 5hours of walking around so i went home.
It was cool. The weather here has been pretty nice! Cept one day this week it rained like hell and i didn't leave the house for the entire day! Ugh it was bad. But i'm in Holland. What should i expect? hahah It's been sunny and a little chilly but i'm loving every minute of warmth that comes from the sky. I try and take in as much sun as i can, cuz in a few months i know i won't be able to find any which is gonna suck /: I've been drawing a lot more, which i good i guess. I feel rusty.. if that's possible. Like i've forgotten how my brain was supposed to draw certain things so im gonna need to work on that a lot more. I got a sketch book, but i want my mom to send my old one here so i can use that. I don't really need it though.. New town, new place, new book. Yea NVM Mom don't send it. I'm gonna fill this one up :) It's gonna be rad. Being here is making me think a lot more! About everything in general. It feels wonderful to clear my mind of stupid things, and to be able to breathe, and get my thoughts straight. I want to go to Art School when i get home. I know that for surely now. There are many wonderful schools here in Europe but every day i'm here makes me miss San Diego that much more. I have downtown as my wallpaper, and i see it as like.. a goal for me. I had a conversation with my cousin yesterday about goals, and putting your mind to something and that's mine. I want to go to school for something I want. That i feel passionate about, and that i'm good at. I don't want to go for something thats going to make me money that i'm gonna hate doing. If you like your work, it doesn't seem like work at all.. And i want to go get my degree, and start my life. Make my own money. Live on my own. and .. LIVE. Like i've always planned. The graffiti here makes me want to draw that much more. Everything is so colorful and beautiful! It's almost inspiring.
 Too bad i cant do graffiti to save my life! Lol i'm terrible at lettering /: Something to practice i guess :) I have some canvas' here and i need to figure out something to paint on them. Esther wants them in the house, so it has to be something that can go with the modern look of this place and at the same time be something rad. But i'm not a modern artist /: Agghh. I made dinner tonight, and the other night! I made them all Quesadillas, spanish rice, and guacamole and they were ecstatic. Apparently quesadillas are really expensive here... which is stupid as hell because its cheese and a tortilla! Lol Tonight i made garlic bread and angel hair with a basic red sauce. I've been cooking a lot since i've been here :) it's nice! I'm diggin it. I wanna try some of the restaurants around here. There are a few that look prime time, and i have a hankering for sea food. OMG. Linguini and clams, or real fish and chips.. I'd kill for some right now /: lol Anyway, it's like 9:15 at night here, ( i know i started writing earlier and i had to go) so i'm gonna get ready for bed, and try and get a hold of my mamma on skype! Skype me :) Gina.M.Pauling! I'll be posting more soon! Good night!


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