Sunday, September 12, 2010

Take Over Control!

Hello :) So i know i didn't post one yesterday, but this one is going to make up for it! I went into town yesterday because Saturday is the day for all the shopping and what not in Breda, and i was going to meet Esther for coffee after her hair appointment! I watched Morris in the morning while he slept, and the rest of the family went to watch Yasmine's Soccer match! Which, she won! 26 to 0! She was made captain of the team, and kicked everyones ass :) So proud of her! She's an awesome girl. Very strong minded, and reminds me a lot of my sister Hannah! Despite the age difference! So once everyone arrived home i went into town and looked around for a few hours while i waited for Esther! I went into the Abercrombie look-a-like store Scotch&Soda and i really like it! It's different. I haven't found anything worth buying yet though. But when i do.. It's on ;) I picked up a few things in town today! I got some stickers from tattoo shops that were pretty cool, a rad patch from a coffee shop and a cell phone! I have enjoyed not having a phone though, to be honest. It's nice not having to constantly text people and tell them what's going on! It's liberating hahahha
I have been thinking for a very long time about the tattoo i want, and i was drawing this week, and i know exactly how i want it but i refined it a little bit, and made it smaller and cut out a lot of the details and got it quoted! I'm going to need 300 euros before i can get it. /: So that's something to save up for! I met Esther for at Inspire, and we got Lattes and brownies and then went home! It was nice, the weather has been beautiful! It's been rainy in the mornings, but around noon it clears up and the sun comes out and it's wonderful. This week is supposed to be a little different though /: Cold and rainy for the whole day. I sure hope not. That's a bummer.
This morning we woke up and got ready and left to go to Rotterdam! Which is the opposite direction from Amsterdam. It's on the coast and it has the largest harbor in all of the Netherlands! Which was cool. It reminded me of downtown San Diego a little bit with all the huge buildings and it being right on the water. It was really nice. It was more business-y than Amsterdam is. AMS is more for partying and touristy areas. But i went and shopped with Es and Yas for a while, then headed to Yas' friends birthday party. While they played i went and walked around town and snapped a few pics. The city is very artsy. Everywhere you turn there is some mural or statue! Even if some of it is graffiti. It's still beautiful in it's own way. Graffiti is verrrrrryyy popular here in Holland. It's everywhere. And it's not necessarily gang related, but it lines the city streets and freeways here. The statue in the pic above is someones body, then all the colored mass' on the ground are faces! It's made all out of tiles! The city was beautiful.

During World War II Rotterdam was bombarded so none of the original buildings still stand, as they do in many other dutch cities! Every office building and apartment is new and very modern! I liked it a lot. There was one building that looked VERY old, but i wasn't sure what it was used for! It was beautiful. We saw the harbor, and i think we are planning to go back this week sometime, so i will post better pics of the skyline after we go :)

ANYWAYS, in more recent news, i was messaged on facebook by a girl who is living in Holland, about 45 minutes from myself! She is an American living in Holland as an Au Pair! She is the same age as me so her and i are going to keep in contact :) Now I'll have someone to go out and do stuff with!! SOOO EXCITED! And then on Wednesday night i am going out to meet up with a few friends here at a cafe in Breda's city center! There are two Au Pairs i get to meet that night, but one is from Venezuela, and the other is from Colombia! Which is cool. I am stoked to meet anyone here! Especially from different countries, i think that's awesome! The more the merrier! I want to see as much of this place as i can while I'm here, and i am hoping they can help me out with this. It will get my mind off of home for a while. I am doing alright when it comes to being homesick, but i really do miss my family. There are times where i wish i can just go walk downstairs and see my brother sitting on the couch playing COD, my mom cooking something in the kitchen, waiting for my dad to get home while Hannah running in and out of the house with 10 other girls following her. I miss the way my house smells, and how my dogs are always in the same places on the couches, but i guess i will get it soon enough. I am taking in ever minute here, and learning from the experience. It is really nice to get the clutter of life in Murrieta out of my head. I for once don't have to worry about who's texting me and if I'm gonna get back to them in time! I have been finding myself thinking, and writing and reading a lot more. Getting back into my original flow of things. Learning all i can, and loving every minute of it. As long i have skype and facebook i will be okay. I know i can do this, it's just gonna be hard for a while. BTW, the music here in Holland is raadddd! It's all that techno, house techno, trance and whatever else they wanna label it. But it's sweeettt! A lot less complex than Deadmau5, Bloody Beetroots, Felix da Housecat and everyone else, but it's cool. :) Pendulum is gonna be here soon, so I'm looking forward to that! I guess there's gonna be a lot going on here soon! :) Gotta start planning! Gonna be adding new pics to Facebook! Check em out and don't forget to start following me on here! My views count is going up like crazy!! Thank you all for reading this :) I love and miss you guys!!

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