Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pannenkoek Boat!

Soooo.. I didn't write in this this morning, because i got up and we had company So i had to get the kids ready, get myself ready then leave! I didn't feel well this morning, and i was just trying to get everything done and i felt bad, because Esther asked me if i was homesick. She said i seemed a little quiet and gave me a hug. She is such a wonderful woman :) I am homesick but i'm not gonna let it show. The more i'm here and i see these beautiful babies everyday. And wake up to them calling my name every morning the more comfortable i am here.
    Morris won't leave my hip. Eduard and Esther are really surprised with how much he likes me because he only like Yas, Es and Ed! But he doesn't leave me alone! and i can get irriated when i see those eyes /: I melt. They are the size of oreos and they are the same color. Lol They are all very pretty kids. Yas and i are getting a lot closer and i think she feels more comfortable with me more and more everyday. She comes in my room now to hang out with me during down time. which i love, because it reminds me of Nellers. I miss nellers /: I miss jack. BUT... i mostly miss Jake :) hahahah BAAGGOOOOKKKK SNNOOOOKKKKK!

I miss my boyyy :)) Lol That picture makes me happy. He;s so fricken cute. I love skype. It is officially the greatest invention ever made. I get to talk to my family twice a day, and i get to see them. It's like they're sitting in front of me! I don't have to worry about seeing their face. AND i got to skype with Dama Mimi and pop for a little bit! They had some trouble but it was so good to see them.I went to the city today with Esther's secretary Anouke! She was sooo wonderful! So funny, and very pretty! Tall. Thin. Blonde and tan! Her and i went to the city in Breda today, and she showed me around, and then we went and looked at clothes.

   We Got coffee from this cafe ^^^ that Esther is working with right now at her job! We got Latte's and brownies, and got to talking. We talked for about an hour and a half and i found out that she is a model! And has modeled for runway shoes in paris for VERRRYYY famous dutch and french designers! So that was really cool. All because she asked me what tv shows i liked. I told her americas next top model and it turns out, well at the end of every season the 2 finalists compete in a runway challenge, where they have to walk in a real show in close from a famous designer! The shoe was in holland, and Anouke walked with the models! How rad is that? It was cold today! I woke up and the sun was out so i put on my jeas and flipflops and walked outside in the shade and my feet almost froze off. But in the sun it was warm lol Makes no sence. it went from like 50* to 70.. all because if a few feet. Ugh.

We walked all over town. It was really cool! She took me by the old military school! In the pic above is the dam! Its blocking off the canal. because this specific part goes under the academy! That boat is a bar. There is usually a large jazz festival in town, and they have the bar going crazy with people and food. then on the water next to it they have a stage on the water! It's supposed to be really cool. We also got to go to the nun's quarters. It's like a little apartment complex for nuns!
These are their houses!

This is their church and their garden!

The statues in the court in front of the church!

Then came home.. and left right away again! We needed to go to the store to get american pancake mix! Yas, Jeremy, enzo and myself all rode there on bikes.  But we got there and it was closed :( so we came home and on the way we saw a bunch of cows on the side of the road that we had to stop and feed! haha they are so effing cute. And you can buy one for 700 euros! Cow in dutch is Koo.. So i'm gonna buy him and name him KOOKSNOOKS. :) good idea?

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