Monday, September 6, 2010

We no speak Americano!

ALLLOOO! So it's about 10 am on monday morning. I'm going to start doing these in the mornings again, i got thrown for the last one. For some odd reasons it's really hott in my room. But it think it's bcause i have a fever. :( My sinus infection is going crazy. I feel like i should sleep itt off for daayyysss but i can't. And i know i should go to sleep earlier, but i really don't want to. When i should be sleeping, it is the middle of the day in america, and i get to talk to all my family and friends. So it's well worth it. Because times like this (the morning) it's 1 am in the US and not everyone is awake /: Cept a few of my friends. Idk.. i just wish the time difference was a LITTLE MORE CONVIENENT?!.. >:l
    So yesterday i had Ezo, Jeremy, Yasmine, Merlij, and Morris. I woke up, again to the babies calling me from 2 floors up so it sounds like were in a cave! GINAAAAAA NAAAH NAAAAAAH NAAAHHHAAA!! I went and made American Pancakes! Which came out good, but the problem was.. That the SYRUP they use, tastes like a combo of straight honey, and brown sugar.. and it's a liiiiittttttttllllee too much. I can't handle things that sweet /: then everyone went to their American friend Richard's son's birthday party for a while so i cleaned, and showered, then went on a walk :) the weather forecast says that it's going to rain.. for this entire week. But it's quite sunny and beautiful outside. Even though the sun is out it is still 14 degreese celcius. In Murrieta right now at 1 am it's 15*C.. which is 59*F so you get it. It's cold here all day. At night you cant even go near the windows! you can feel the chill straight through them. I'm not used to it yet.. i will be. But as a California girl i know i'm in for a shock.

   I didn't take many pictures yesterday but i took a few of the kids!I have their portraits, but it has a different textured surface behind each. Merlij's eyes are sooo black that i wanted to put white, so he's up against the counter. Smooth white surface. Yasmine's eyes are so green, that i put her on the grass, and it looks really cool! Enzo is up against brick, and his eyes are blue so the red and blue look nice. and i have yet to do Jeremy and Morris. But i will be soon. I have found out that i hate photography.. i can appreciate it but it bores me to death. It reminds me of painting or drawing landscapes.. which i can't do. So it's like.. why would i take pictures of them if i can't draw them? I live people.. and their features. So i think portraits are fun. Maybe i'll even draw them once i get all of the photos together? Who knows.

 This week is going to be interesting. Things have been pretty sonber here, Eduards father passed yesterday evening whilst myself and the children were on our way to the store. It was expected, he hasn't been doing very well for a couple of days. He had Alzheimers just like my gramma Rusty. They deal with death differently here i've noticed. Nobody is really sad. They don't mourn, and they don't cry. If they do it's when they are alone. Not like in america. You cry where you want to. lol I know i was crying like a little kid sitting at the airport terminalwaiting to get on the plane after i left my family. I miss you guys by the way, i know you're reading this.. It's really hard being away from you. But i know wha i gotta do.

Also on that note.. yesterday, we went to the store (the children and i) and got fixings for dinner. I made breakfast and dinner. I'm turning into a regular martha stewart!? Lmao..... yea right. Anyway.. Angel hair with a red sauce, and garlic bread. today i'm making brownies, the other day i made cheesecake. What's next? ALLL WHILE A BABY IS ON MY HIP.. one is at my leg. one is talking to me about 10 year old girl things. and the other two are fighting all within 6 feet of me. This is a tough gig. No joke. I never realized what it is exactly moms do! I always knew, but to sit here and be a "Mom" figuratively of course.. Is hard! But i'm managing. I look back at my days, how i interact with the children and feel proud of how i handled myself and dealt with the babies. I have always been good with children, and i know i'm much better than most. I have good maternl skills, i just never get to use them.. Because the ones who WERE My babies.. are now 12 and 13 and don't need guidance anymore. So it's nice :) Thank you mom! For going through all this everyday. I know it's hard, and you do it 100 times better than i do. But i learned from you, and i find myself thinking.. What would my mom do in this situation and the outcome is usually a good one for me.

WELL ANYWAY.. I'm going to take the bike into town! Till later :)..  I uploaded a bideo of riding through Teteringen! It should be at the bottom. Check it ouuutt :)

<3 Gina

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