Monday, September 13, 2010

Dancing Nancies & Tripping Billies

Good Morning Murrieta and the rest of Southern California! Okay so my day started out early! i was up at 7, and got the boys and Yas ready for school! I rode on bike with Yasmine to go drop her off at school, came home showered got my stuff together read did some things around the house. I was home alone for a few hours so i had to find stuff to do. I went on a bike ride down the road to go see my cow:) She's so fricken cute. Anyway, it was nice today but just like any other day in Holland, the wind was killer. I swear it's constantly trying to make my life harder.. It'ts not a light breeze ..It's not like Murrieta, where the wind is blocked  by the mountains , hills and other things. Here? The land is F.L.A.T... Entirely. So the wind blows and it feels like a hurricane. It always seems to be blowing against me as well. Which is unfortunate. Especially when the road you need to take had the only incline for miles. So i'm going uphill, with forces pushing against me.. Ugh Spin class doesnt prepare you for this. (( TURN UP THE FANS ALANA?! Make em work!! )) Lol! So i spent some time at home and around the neighborhood  for a little then it was time to go meet Yas again so we could ride home, and what do you know.. I get to Yas's school, and i was waiting for her to get out, and i noticed my bike tires were flat... BOTH OF THEM. Why does this happen to me? That morning, and that afternoon they were perfect. So i'm thinking something had to have happened on the way to her school. Or maybe it's just because the bike is about 30 years old?

Idk. the tires looked dry rotted anyway.. But that's a  bummer for sure. I hope they were just flat and something wasn't seriously wrong /: That's my means of transportation. And i'd be sad if i couldn't use it anymore :( Bikes are exppeennssiivvee here. Yas's bike was about 600.00 euros. Which is almost $700 american dollars. But.. that would be pointless for me to buy a new bike! I'm only going to be here for a year, and if i get one what am i gonna do? Have it shipped over when i go home? Probably not. Lol It's hard enough for me to try and have anything else shipped over! Speaking of which, i bought a bunch of postcards and such that are gonna be sent out this week sometime. I need to A. Find the post office, and B. Collece the rest of your addresses! Lol So if you're reading this, take the time once your done to facebook me your address! I only know Mine, and Dama's! So DO IT!
So i was speaking with Eduard today about going to Amsterdam soon! I also have a few friends living in Amsterdam, or in the surrounding areas! so i'm going to have to learn that area sooner or later. I think we might be going soon which is going to be cool! Rotterdam was beautiful, and modern. Amsterdam is supposed to be more busy, fun and with all of the original buildings! So a lot of history will be there and i'm stoked to go explore. I am very excited about getting in contact with Stephanie! (The American Girl living in Enkhuizen) And wednesday night i get to go out with a few friends from here! So i cannot wait. Aghh! The boys are getting more and more comfortable with me as the days go on. I can see. Now, whenever Merlijn hears my name he gets excited and immediately starts looking for me. And when he comes home from the store, or from school he runs to me and has the biggest smile on his face so that's good! I was worried for a little bit :) And Morris is just the sweetest baby ever. I am in love with that boy. I do however, miss Jack and Hannah terrible :( I see things and hear things every day that remind me of them, and it makes me sad to think about. Even now! But i recieved a message on facebook from Hannah a little earlier telling me that she misses me and that made me happy :) I have already been here for 12 days and it does not feel that way at all. So i'm liking how fast time is going, i know when it comes time to go home, that i will not like it /: It's going to be like leaving home all over again. I'm going to be sad, but this is just another chapter in my life. I'm already planning my next trip! Lol I want to go to Canada and Alaska once i get home. Anyone interested? ;) Lets make it a road trip! lol Anyway, i made brownies today s oi'm going to go have some! Hahah have a good day everyone! Love and miss you all!

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