Thursday, September 2, 2010

First 48.

Hello! I have been in The Netherlands for about 48 hours now. I arrived yesterday (the 1st of september) and haven't slowed down for a minute. I was properly introduced to the babies Merlijn (Mer-line) AND Morris today! Yesterday i met Yasmine, and this coming up weekend i will meet Jeremy and Enzo! So i am very excited. Holland is very lush and green. For the past two days it has been rather overcast, but at least it's not raining! The ground around the house is flooded due to the showers they have had for the past weeks, but it definitely isn't hurting the plants.
   Right outside my door is a lake, and the farms of the near by town of Teteringen. It is about 4 km away from Breda, and the city centre! We drove through it today to go buy bread. Bread is eaten for breakfast, and lunch.. But not for dinner. Typical dutch dinner is meat, boiled poatoes and vegg's of some kind. So far i feel comfortable here.. well as comfortable as i think i can get in a foreign country. I don't know.. It's all just very different so i am going to give it time, and see how everything pans out. I will never knock it till i try it, and i'm trying it so we'll see.
     It's a sad place. Everyone dresses the same. Women : Long sleeve shirts that are somewhere between shirts and dresses. Leggings and boots. Or. White pants, and brown kneehigh boots. I've never seen so many pairs of white pants in my life. Men: Adidas track suit. Puma's! lol That's about it. All the buildings are made of brick and stone, and are darkly colored. It's overcast almost all day, and none of the people seem too happy. It's strange. not to mention dutch is probably one of the craziest languages i have ever had to listen to. I have been picking up things here and there, but i was asked how to say something in english.. which was remote. like for your tv? and Eduard said "Oh in dutch this is a Afgelegen..... AHF - HEL-EH- HGEN. Yea. say that 3 times fast. That's ridiculous. Why not just say remote?! hahah
     We (Esther, Yasmine, myself and the babies ) went into town today, and we went to a cafe, and walked around town to see all the shops. Adidas is very popular here! Uggs sell for almost 300 Euro's. Could you imagine that in american money? it's about $448.00 american dollars! Sunglasses and uggs are where the extra money is made over here! There is a giant art store i would like to look in! It has canvas' and paints and ugh everything i was kinda overwhelmed. It made michaels and joanne's look like a Pic-N-Save! I saw some girl today who looked like Hannah, and i got really really sad. I am not very happy, but i know this is going to be a great experience. How many people say they got to go live in europe for a year? But i miss my family terribly. I wish they were with me. It would make this trip just that much more amazing. I'm gonna skype with my mom and brother and sister later tonight probably. We talked last night, and it was a relief. I got to see Jack and hannah right after they got home from school! so it was nice. /:

  <3 Gina

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