Friday, September 3, 2010

Regen regen, weg te gaan..

So right now it is 8:38 am here so it's.. i wanna say 11:38 pm at home, and i miss home pretty badly this morning. I had a dream about it, and i woke up and to  not be there was kinda sad. I woke up to a big scary european man ringing my bell at 8 this morning looking for eduard, but they were all in the shower! so i tried to tell him "just a few minutes.." and he looked at me like WOAH.. you're american and left? Strange lol
   I probably go like 4 hours of sleep last night? Maybe? probably less though.. I went to bed very late last night! I wasn't very tired, but i couldn't sleep because i have on eof two things wrong at all times.

A. i have a monstrous tooth ache.
B. I have a bad sinus cold /:

and instead of just one of those. i have bothe wrong! yaaayyy /: Not. Today were going to go get Sauce Broche. My dad has been telling me about sausage bread since he returned from the Netherlands! So i'm mexcited. There's something the call Dropp which i think is like black licorice? But i'm not excited about that lol That sounds gross :X
     I've unpacked. and put all o fmy stuff away, and all my stuff on my bed is set up. my pictures are out, but i have a lot more to hang up. i just need to get some tape. and i'm starting to get more comfortable with this. But it's going to be a loonnggg process. I wanna go home and see Jake. :) Can someone overnight him to me? That would be wonderfullll.. I miss my puppy :( and my family. I really don't like being away from them. But there is the argument that "You're gonna have to fly the coop sometime right?" yea the difference between your stupid ass statment and my situation, is that to most normal, flying the coop consists of : Going away from Murrieta to Cal State San Marcos. and not moving 8000 miles away to Holland. They get to at least see their family and be near them whenever they want. Call me stupid for thinking that way, but i enjoy being around my family. A lot!
I am going to get in the shower, and go wake my self up. I don't think i'm going to eat breakfast, but i don't want to be rude/ :( all they eat is bread. it's like DAMN.. i just want some eggs!? or lucky charms!! Which.. they don't have. lol Of course. I had a dream about linguini and clams last night, annndd now i'm craving it. Where am i going to get it? Whoooo knows. LOL but i really want it.

I want to go into Amsterdam and go explore. But i have to wait for saturday to come so i can go over there. The distance between myself and Amsterdam, is the same as from Murrieta To San Marcos. It's very close. But with how terribly everyone here drives.. it takes forever. Theres nice views on the way. Cows and windmills. It's nice. there is no sort of horizon line here at all. The land is flat. so if you look into the distance, all you see is what's there closest to you. or in front of you. nothing more. which is strange. There are NO HILLS untill you leave this country. i hardly saw any in Switzerland as well. Which is beautiful... i loved Zurich. So green and hilly. and it was warm! it is pretty cold here.

I'm gonna freaze my butt off pretty soon i can feel it coming.But anyway.. Amsterdam. Esthers secretary is going to take me to town this weekend. She's 28 and has no children and thats all i know about her. lol But i wanna go! i wanna go look at tattoo shops. i cant wait till i get to know the area better so i can go by myself. At my house, i was able to have a few minutes alone but even when i'm alone here there is screaming children somewhere lol it's ridic. But once they go to sleep.. i get to chill :) thank god i can handle going to bed late or i would never get to talk to my family /: aghh
anyway. Byyeee!

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  1. GINA! i am following you (=]) i havent gotten my blog up yet, lol. but someday. (^-^) lol, lets continue singing about Sangria<3