Friday, September 10, 2010


Good Morning America! It's 3:37 pm here in Breda, and i am home alone today with baby Morris /: He woke in the middle of the night last night with a TERRIBLE fever, and it has carried on till today. When he's sick, he likes to be held constantly! So i was holding him watching tv, then we came to watch a movie in my room and he fell asleep on me, so i layed down with him and we both ended up falling asleep! He is still asleep which is good, he needs to sleep off this sickness /: She's so cute. He likes my Fredfred Burger, so he fell asleep on that :) His whole body fits right on top of it and he has his butt in the air. lol He is the best baby. He's so quiet and when he is awake he's giggling and happy and just wants to play. But noowww he's out like a light. I'm gonna use this time to start making dinner for us! As soon as he wakes up i know he's gonna want me to hold him.
   So this week has been very busy! I've officially been here over a week, the kids started school this week, Eduard's birthday was yesterday,  Eduard's Father's funeral was and is still proceeding today, and we have yet to see what the weekend has in store for us :) I am really excited. I got in contact with someone out here who is part of this Wednesday night meeting, and he found another Au Pair living in Breda!? So she might be an American i didn't get the details but i am SO excited! He sent me a message today telling me :) i can't wait. and there are going to be some french people and of course dutch people arriving as well. Were meeting at a restaurant that i am familiar with, on Wednesday at 20:00 which is 8 pm. I can't wait. Ugghh! Lol It's gonna be nice to get out and meet different people. Especially if she is an Au Pair. What are the chances of her being from California? 0 to none.. But it's a nice thought ;)
   It is raining especially hard right now. This weather is beautiful but it is veryyyyy flip floppy. It keeps going from beautiful sunny but still chilly to dumping rain! To the point where you cant even go outside. It's crazy. I need to ride my bike to the store but i especially can't if i have a sick baby, AND it's raining :( That's not a good combination. I was looking up concert dates for any area around me, just out of curiosity, and i found that Pendulum is gonna be in a town not too far from me in October! I think i'm going to need to go to see them /: I need to look up people who are going to be here. Editors were here in July, so i had JUST MISSED THEM! That's a bummer, Lady Gaga was here around then as well! It seems like Summer was when all the best shows here happening! Everyone is probably too afraid to head over because of the weather!! LOL
   For my family that is reading this i thought of somethings you could send me! Just little things, not clothes or anything huge. :

Cherry Sours - The candy? All they have is Drop here.. and ... if you've eaten drop you know why i won't.
Cosmopolitan Magazines! High Fructose Magazine and  Juztapoze Magazine!! -- HF* You can only get at Barnes and Noble mom! Pleeaasseee! I'm dying without it /: There is no type of American Magazines, and all the books that are in English are very VERY expensive. So i try and stay away from that.
Recipe's!!! -- ALL YOUR GOOD ONES! I'm going to go buy recipe cards so you can just email them to me. But especially if you have good mexican food recipes.. that would be the best :) Or anything substancial to feed a lot of people! :) That's really all that i have thought of for right now /:

Gonna go make dinner! Love you guys!!

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